Fire Prevention and Education is a very important part of the Pittsfield Fire Department. Lieutenant Brian Wade is the Officer responsible for the PFD’s Fire Prevention and Education office. Lt. Wade and the PFD make visits to Schools and Day Care Facilities throughout the year teaching the community’s youth about the fundamentals of fire safety in the home.  We take the opportunity to explain to the children what they might expect if their home where to catch fire and to work out a plan with their parents to get everyone safely out of the house. Lt. Wade is very passionate about his duty, and works well with the youth in our Community.

Lt. Wade and the PFD also visit local businesses, hospitals, and nursing home teaching staff about fire safety, fire extinguishers, and drill practices. We also utilize a Bullex Fire Extinguishing trainer to teach staff in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other public offices how to properly use a fire extinguisher. The PFD also participates in several community events to help raise Fire Prevention and Safety awareness among our citizens.